¿Quién soy? ¿Para qué sirve este blog?


Soy Anna, tengo veinte años y soy estudiante de idiomas (francés y español).  Estudio en la Universidad de Strathclyde en Glasgow pero acabo de mudarme a la ciudad de Alicante, donde viviré hasta junio 2016.  He venido aquí por el programa de intercambio ERASMUS para cursar mi tercer año de estudios en la Universidad de Alicante.  También participo en el programa Language Linking, Global Thinking.  Para más info (¡en inglés!) sigue leyendo….

¿Quién soy?  [In case you didn’t understand the first paragraph]

My name is Anna, I’m twenty years old and I study languages (French and Spanish).  I study at Strathclyde University in Glasgow, but have just moved to Alicante until June 2016.  I’ve come as an ERASMUS exchange student which means that I will do my third year of uni at the University of Alicante instead of at Strathclyde.  I am also participating in the Language Linking, Global Thinking programme.

Language Linking, Global Thinking

This is a project run by SCILT, the British Council, Project Trust, Strathclyde University and the National Union of Students.  Young people who are about to spend time abroad – whether on exchange, a language year abroad or as a volunteer – have been paired with schools back in Scotland and while abroad, will correspond with the school pupils in different ways to help them learn more about the foreign country’s language and culture.

Hopefully, this will inspire a greater interest in other countries and learning languages!  To be honest, I think I’m also going to learn a lot more about Spain participating in this project than I would otherwise.

I am paired with an S3 class in St Margaret Mary’s Secondary in Glasgow.  So far, the plan is to keep in touch via this blog.  I will include photos and videos whenever possible and also hope to send the class little things throughout the year (surprise!).  Hope you enjoy reading the posts and please let me know what you think in the comments section.  Suggestions and constructive criticism welcome! 🙂

Y una cosita más….

Perhaps I should explain the blog title!  ‘Anna en Alicante’ is self-explanatory but also a little boring and unoriginal.  I added ‘Armada’ in because lots of people say that I have a Spanish look about me – even my landlady told me that when she first met me, she assumed I had a Spanish mother and Scottish father!  I usually explain by saying that centuries ago, some ships from the Spanish Armada (the Spanish Navy) were shipwrecked off the coast of the Western Isles, where my mum comes from.  Spanish sailors made it to shore and married local women, and so Spanish genes have been passed down the generations.  And I must have got some.  Whether you believe that or not is up to you!


7 thoughts on “¿Quién soy? ¿Para qué sirve este blog?

  1. Hola, Anna. Una pregunta de Dara.
    “Did you see the bull on the hill near Alicante airport? When I go on holiday to Benidorm I fly to Alicante airport and always see the bull.”


  2. Hi Anna we are studying tourism in Spanish right now do you know if there is any interesting tourist attractions in Spain

    from Hayleigh Graham

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  3. Hola Anna! We are currently doing a topic on tourism and i was wondering about tourism in Alicante. Could you tell me about some tourist attractions in Alicante?

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